Google Chrome Offline installer (20.0.1132.57 Stable)

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.Use one box for everything--type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and Web pages. Thumbnails of your top sites let you access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab.

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This is a pretty easy way to get your site indexed in Google fast and get a high PR link at the same time.

Step 1:

Go To : And register an account.

Step 2:

Once your account is ready click on nominate and submit your site to the proper category.

When you are done you will notice that your site will appear on the front page of under “Most Recent Nominationsâ€. Now when you have your link on the front page the only thing left to do is ping the site and you are done. The main page also has a PR of 5 so a link from there will definitely give you some decent juice.

A Few Extra Tips:

Most of the categories also have decent PR usually 4+ and appearing in the first 10 results can be really easy since most of your competition will have less than 10 – 15 votes. If you don’t know how to get fake votes just head to you will find quite a few groups there which exchange BloggerChoiceAwards votes.

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Google Page Rank Is Dead - Part II

In part I - Google Page Rank Is Dead - Or Ist It?

I discussed how Google's Page Ranking System has become obsolete, but at the same time, many business savvy entrepreneurs still give it credit and could possibly discredit or credit your website accordingly to it's rank.

"Let's really go in depth to take our 1st steps towards leaving Google's page ranking behind!"

If you're like 1000's of people online, you've been following page ranking so close for so long, it can be really though for you to break the habit. "No habit can be completely broken, it must be replaced with another".

1st Step: Remove Page Rank From Your Google ToolBar

Google probably won't like me for this one but I recommend clicking on "Options" within your google toolbar, take off "Page Rank".

Congratulations, you've done it. Marketing your website has taken a new turn, a bright road is ahead!!

We can now go back and search online. Before we do, try NOT to think about how a website's importance was measured by Google's page rank, instead take a good look at each site that you visit.

Pay special attention to the content, layout, usability, and friendliness. Do you like it? Why do you like it? Right down things, images, layouts, anything that you like from websites that you pass by.

Create a "Favorites Folder" within your browser, call it "Opportunities". Within this "opportunities" folder, add websites that interest you, or that would interest your visitors.

Combine all these favorite things that you like to form new ventures for your business. Keep GOING BACK to these web resources that you liked and take a look to see if there are any good opportunities for both companies to prosper together.

Web Marketing is never done alone, successful marketing online needs you to create your own "web" to catch visitors with. What better way to do so then by connecting with websites that you like.

Why should we do this?

In order to stay away from Google's Page Ranking all together, we need to replace it with our own "web measurement system" to determine whether or not our company should recommend, swap ads, or do business with the other.<

In the end, we won't be selecting websites just because they rank well, we will finally be selecting only websites that we all personally like.

Personal resources create a better world for your visitors. Just remember, many of your visitors have no idea about the world of Google Page Ranking and how you may of been addicted to it.

Building A Personal Ranking System:

In order to personally rank websites, there are a few measurements you can take... Ask yourself these questions when browsing...

* What is their alexa ranking? or Rank from
Does the site seem to be getting matching traffic with yours?

Does the site you are looking at have incoming links from Google in the same industry as yours? Pay close attention to who links to the websites your research.

* Most Important: Do you get a good feeling when you visit their site?

If you don't, 8 times out of 10, other visitors won't either. I never recommend a website that doesn't feel right. 1st impressions mean a lot more than people think. At times, the internet is a sub-conscious activity and many things that we see make us react to it without even knowing it. You want people to like you and trust you enough to do with business with you.

* Last but not least: Will you be happy knowing that the websites you recommend have a personal touch and your visitors will be better off because of it?

Once we all get in a good groove online and start adding complete personal resources on our websites, the internet will be a better place for all our visitors.

Try and let the larger resource directories within your field to list everything possible, the best course of action for your business is to create something with your own personal touch.

I hope you've enjoyed this II part series!

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Search With A Career Search

If you are looking for the perfect career for you but are unsure of where to look or what to look for, then don't go any further without doing a career search. A career search is a great way to learn about potential careers without making any commitments or signing any contracts first.

The basic idea of a career search is two-fold. The first main purpose of doing a career search is to learn about all the possible careers that are available to be had as great professions. For example, you may know that some people make a great career out of being a chef, but have you ever considered being a chef that gets to travel the world and cook on cruise ships? Or maybe you have considered nannying as a career choice for you. With a career search you may learn that you can be a nanny in another country and make just as much money if not more.

The possibilities for making money and for enjoying your career are nearly endless. Do not let yourself get sucked into a job you hate simply because you haven't taken the time to find a career that is right for you. As a career counselor, I meet with far too many people each week that are stuck doing jobs they hate simply to pay the bills because they didn't know that other careers were really possible. So take my advice and do a career search before you make any other job commitments. You just may be missing out on a career you could love.

A second main purpose of doing a career search is to learn more about yourself. You may not even have a good idea of what kinds of careers would fit your personality and skills until you do a career search to learn more about yourself. Take time to do some of the personality and skill tests that accompany career searches and see what is right for you. If you are going to spend the majority of your life working, as most people do, than why not take your time and through a career search learn what is truly the best career for you.

Having a career you love is one of the most rewarding things in life. Doing a career search can be one of the easiest ways to discover what careers will bring you the best rewards.

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Tips On Successful Islamic Account

Forex trading also became popular to many Muslims. Like any other traders, they have an option to manage their own accounts or open a managed Islamic forex accounts. Forex accounts that are managed are created for people who do not have the ability in devoting their time on foreign exchange transactions. This is also an option for people who do not have the expertise in dealing with the forex markets. They can hire professionals who are available for managing forex accounts.

Forex account management is a very competitive and serious business. Many investors are allocating some portions of their funds on forex accounts that are managed by professionals. This is very helpful in reducing the risks and mitigating any losses arising from portfolios which include bond market and stock. Remember, the forex transaction is separated from the stock market, which is why the losses and profits are also separated.

Islamic forex trading accounts can enhance the portfolios of the traders in great ways. Keep in mind that Islamic forex trading accounts which are professionally managed regardless of the account or the manager of forex trading you have chosen should provide these things:
  • The Islamic forex trading account is not tied on the operations of stock markets. It should provide better returns than treasury bonds or other money generating instruments in the market.
  • It is very important that professionals who handle your account have expertise. The company should have a good reputation on the forex markets. The foreign trading accounts should be managed by experienced professionals. Take note, most transnational firms and foreign banks are employing the best people who always outperformed others. It does necessarily mean that you hired people who are graduates of Harvard. It only emphasizes that the traders should hire better trained people who can successfully manage their Islamic forex trading accounts.
  • The company or professionals that handle your Islamic forex trading accounts should know how to leverage to gain maximum profits. The manager can book profits both from the rising and falling currency markets. It is recommended that weekly or monthly reports are provided for every forex transactions together with the real time reports.
  • The Islamic forex trading accounts has liquidity. It should offer the traders easy money withdrawals from investors within specified intervals of time and during emergency cases. 
  • The Islamic forex trading accounts which are managed by professionals uses tools on statistical analysis to optimum results and maximum profits. It is because:

  1. The professionals know the market on trading forex. They are well educated about the currencies being trade therefore they can also accurately predict the direction of the money in the forex markets. They know the right speculation about the money being sold and bought in pairs. The rise and fall of the currency prices are well predicted so they can sell the currency with higher value and buy the currency with lower value.
  2. • They have studied your Islamic forex trading accounts picking the forex trading system that will be compatible with it. They can choose the system letting your trades to be automated according to its history, or followed traditional valleys and peaks. This can ensure better execution of the trades preventing market manipulation.
  3. • The professionals are well trained on dealing with real time forex market trading. Their learning experience can handle whatever market fluctuation and sees it as an opportunity in making huge profits. They are also well acquainted with the things needed in minimizing market losses.
  4. • They know the margins of every forex trading. So, they can manage your Islamic forex trading account in such a way to avoid trading margins that can accumulate huge amount of money loss.
  5. • They are experts on using the best forex trading strategy that will help you attain success. These strategies include the right time when to enter or exit in the forex markets. Since forex trading is also open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, the professionals who are managing your account already know the best times to trade.

Letting your Islamic forex trading accounts be managed by professionals can ensure that it is well taken cared of. You can also attend to other activities without worrying about the future outcome of your accounts.

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Upcoming movies

Since I've been spending quite a bit of time at the movies lately, that also means I've been seeing lots of trailers. When we're not seeing a lot of movies, I miss seeing all the stuff that's coming up, although sometimes that can be a blessing as well. I can't tell you how tired I got of seeing numerous trailers for "The Eye" and "The Ruins".

But with the summer movie season about to kick in, there are quite a number of movies coming up in the next multiple months that I'm interested in seeing. Here's a rundown of them.

I first saw the theatre standee for "Made of Honor", which is being released May 2, and it didn't do anything for me, but as I've been seeing the trailers, it looks funny. Yeah, it looks to be pretty predictable with standard romantic comedy overtones, but I like the physical comedy I've seen in the previews. Here's the link to the trailer.

When I first saw the trailer for "Iron Man", which is being released May 2, I was very surprised to see Robert Downey, Jr. in the lead role. I guess everyone is doing these kinds of films nowadays. It looks like it'll be interesting, though. Here's the link to the trailer.

I remember watching and loving "Speed Racer" as a child, and even though I really can't tell you much about what I watched (other than that whenever I've been stuck at a train crossing, I've always wished I had his car so that I could jump over everything and be on my way), I'm interested in seeing the live-action feature film version, which is being released May 9. I'm not crazy about the Matrix-like funky special effects, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Here's the link to the trailer.

I enjoyed "The Chronicles of Narnia", so I'm interested in seeing "Prince Caspian", which is being released May 16. I've never read the books and haven't yet decided whether I want to attempt them. I've got too much stuff in the queue as it is, so it's not like I'm looking for things to read, but it's something I might consider in the future. I might have to watch the first film again to orient myself before seeing this one. Here's the link to the trailer.

You would pretty much have to be living under a rock to not know that the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series is being released May 22. I'll be spending the majority of May trying really hard to avoid spoilers, especially once the film premieres at Cannes. I'm looking forward to seeing the film - the trailer looks great, I'm excited that Marion (Karen Allen) is back, and I'm interested in seeing how Shia LeBeouf does in the film. Here's the link to the trailer.

I hadn't heard until recently that they were making yet another version of "The Incredible Hulk", which is being released June 13. The last version didn't interest me enough to actually see it, especially with the horrid special effects, so I was pretty ho-hum about this version - until I saw the trailer. It looks pretty good, and I find it interesting that Edward Norton is playing Bruce Banner. With the cast also including Liv Tyler, William Hurt and Robert Downey, Jr., I'm looking forward to seeing how this version pans out. Here's the link to the trailer.

I've already talked about being excited to see "Wall-E", which is being released June 27. We're planning on getting tickets for opening night at the El Capitan as soon as they go on sale. (You don't really need me to link to the trailers, do you?)

It'll be a two-movie weekend since I'm also interested in seeing "Wanted", which is also being released June 27. I'm not a particular fan of Angelina Jolie, but the trailer looks awesome, and Morgan Freeman is in it, so how could you go wrong? Here's the link to the trailer.

I recently saw the trailer for "Hellboy II", which is being released July 11, and it looks kind of interesting. I've never seen the first film, and watching this trailer made me think about a city full of the inhabitants of Tatooine's cantina. The husband wants to see the film, and he's recommending that I watch the first film so that I can understand this one better. Here's the link to the trailer.

The second installment of the new Batman series, "The Dark Knight", is being released July 18. I was looking forward to seeing the film anyway as I love this particular incarnation of the story (I was not a fan of Batman being played by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer or George Clooney though admittedly, I didn't see the last couple movies in the series.), but it'll be sad to see Heath Ledger's last role, in which he supposedly does an amazing job. Here's the link to the trailer.

The movie I'm most excited to see, "Mamma Mia", is also being released July 18. It's going to be a bit of a schizophrenic weekend at the movies. (You don't need me to link to this trailer either, do you?)

I had heard nothing about "Tropic Thunder", which is being released August 15, and as I watched the trailer, it wasn't really the kind of movie I'd normally be interested in - except for one element. The apparently-very-busy Robert Downey, Jr. is in this film, playing a critically-acclaimed Australian actor who undergoes a controversial medical procedure so that he can play an African-American character in the movie-within-a-movie. The trailer footage of him looks incredible, so I think I'm going to have to see this movie just for him alone. Here's the link to the trailer.

Another movie that I'd known nothing about is "Hamlet 2", which is being released August 22. But we saw the trailer recently, and we were laughing so hard that it's one of the movies I'm looking forward to seeing the most. It's just completely irreverent, and the show-within-the-movie just looks outrageous. Here's the link to the trailer.

I'd heard that they were doing a remake of "The Women", which is being released October 10. I'd seen the original film as well as read the original play and enjoyed them both. The casting of this new version is pretty interesting, so I'm interested to see how it comes out. There's apparently no trailer available yet.

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Hidden Digital Video Recorders on the Move

There are many reasons to own and use hidden digital video recorders. You may need them to keep an eye on things around your home, office, warehouse, or other places of business. You may even need to have one to protect your mobile home, vacation home or barn where you keep your valuable horses. But there are also times when the need for hidden digital video recorders goes beyond watching some place stationary. Sometimes you need hidden digital video recorders to be as mobile as anything on four or more wheels. When you do, you may want to consider a mobile security VCR.

These types of hidden digital video recorders are especially necessary for use with police forces. We've all seen numerous accounts of traffic violators on film, being pulled over for speeding, reckless operation, drunk driving, but hidden digital video recorders can also be a critical factor in the prosecution of criminals, who have been involved in robberies, kidnappings and other types of felonious activities. These hidden digital video recorders are also great for private investigators.

Other types of agencies can also benefit from the use of hidden digital video recorders. They are great for use in buses and taxis as well. Can you imagine how beneficial it would be if, for example, a taxi picked up a suspicious character for a fare. Then later when questioned by police, there would be a perfect video record of the person in question, which could be quite beneficial for identification purposes.

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